Every state across the country is now facing the spread of COVID-19, and as the first state impacted, we took swift and necessary measures to protect Washingtonians and meet this challenge with the seriousness and compassion it deserves. 

The first priority has been to slow and contain the spread of COVID-19 in our communities -- that means millions of Washingtonians are staying home to save lives. On March 23rd, Governor Inslee issued a Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. The state also dramatically increased testing and expanded access to health care. 

We’re focused on supporting and protecting our health care workers by fighting to get them the supplies they need to take care of sick Washingtonians.

Additionally, unprecedented steps have been taken to provide economic relief to Washingtonians -- because nobody should get evicted, lose their home, or go without heat because they can’t pay their bills during this crisis. 

This crisis is far from over. Yet, like so many challenges our states and our country have faced, the solution is in our own hands. Stay home, stay healthy and we can get through this together. 

For the most current information on Washington state’s response and public health guidance on COVID-19, please visit the official Washington State Coronavirus Response website and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

Washington State’s Coronavirus Response (COVID-19)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention